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Our Philosophy

Typical and Non-typical Learners

Sometimes you do have to color outside the lines.

We all know that every child learns differently. At Taipei International Christian Academy (TICA), we want to offer an educational program for children that is suited to their abilities and needs, in order to equip them to be successful individuals that can realize their God-given potential.

We will assess students’ abilities, learning styles, and aptitudes and design our instruction, content, and assessment accordingly.

We believe that students that are gifted or have special learning needs should be an integral part of every Christian school community.

Basic Building Blocks

Learning is a lot like building a house. Without a solid foundation, a house will not stand.

We believe that each child needs core skills that can be the building blocks for future growth.

We believe that by providing an education that focuses on the basic skills of reading, writing, and math, our children will be equipped to go so much further on their own.

At Taipei International Christian Academy (TICA), we will follow the Core Knowledge curriculum for Grades 1-8. We will adapt it to fit our cultural context.

Experience Learning

Learning should be fun!

At Taipei International Christian Academy (TICA), we are committed to give our students hands-on learning experiences. Small class sizes make it so much easier to do projects, work in groups, and individualize learning experiences.

Multiple field trips, especially into nature, will allow our students to appreciate the beautiful world around us. We will take one full-day field trip per month as well as offer several ½ day extended learning activities.

We believe that creativity is fostered when we give students the opportunity to learn in unstructured learning environments according to their interests. Students will be given time to create, build, and design projects they are interested in.

Online Learning Options

We are now told that by the year 2019, over one half of all high school courses in the United States will be offered via online/distance learning. *

Taipei International Christian Academy (TICA) has already partnered with Sycamore Academy, a fully accredited online school to offer courses that we would never be able to offer ourselves.

Strategic partnerships like this will give our students the options and skills they need to be successful in life.

* Christensen, C. (2010) Disrupting Class, McGraw Hill, USA.

Being in the Community

Taiwan was first called Ilha Formosa by Portuguese explorers. But it’s not only Taiwan’s geography that is beautiful – it’s also Taiwan’s people and culture.

At Taipei International Christian Academy (TICA) we want to make sure that our students have an opportunity to experience what Taiwan has to offer. We will do this by

  • Intensive Chinese language programs
  • Integrated curricular units
  • Strategic partnership with local schools
  • Authentic service learning and outreach opportunities
  • Outdoor education and field trips

Our students will be enriched by the opportunities Taiwan has to offer. Come explore the island, people, and culture with us!


Accessible Education

As parents, we all want what’s best for our children.

When it comes to accessible English education, this is not always easy in Taipei. The high tuition rates at many international schools make this option difficult for many expatriate parents.

At Tapei International Christian Academy (TICA), we are committed to providing an excellent AND affordable education for your children.
We consider ourselves to be a community. We are excited to see parents partner with us and spend time in our school. Together we can do so much more!