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Admissions Overview

Enrolling your child at TICA:

1.  Submit a student information sheet to gro.l1558958942oohcs1558958942acit@1558958942ofni1558958942

2.  Submit the supporting documents

A copy of the photo/signature pages of your child’s passport or identification card (if your child has multiple passports, only the foreign passport is required).

Copies of academic records –  report cards of last two years. All records must be translated into English.
Recent standardized test scores (ITBS, SAT, etc.), if available

3.  Visit and interview

We will arrange a time for your child to visit TICA.  At that time, we will have a clearer picture if our program is a good fit for your child.

4.  Enrollment Decisions

Following the visit, we will notify you regarding enrollment of your child.

5.  Fee Payment

Admission is conditional upon completing all registration materials; these materials are provided when an offer of admission is made.

Admission is conditional upon the full payment of cost sharing fees.

Taiwanese students must register as individual self-study (個人自學) students with their local school district before applying at TICA.  Students who have not done so, may not attend TICA until this process is completed.  TICA is not able to assist with this registration process.